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The History and Experience of Resource Management Associates

Resource Management Associates, a natural resource management and consulting firm, provides land management services over 365,000 acres of farm and forests throughout the Atlantic region and beyond. We develop and manage real estate for public and private landowners by designing innovative solutions to meet economic and resource opportunities.

RMA is committed to excellence in program design, execution and management. This can best be measured in terms of performance and client satisfaction. We have grown because our clients continue to expand their use of our services based on demonstrated ability to deliver quality services on time and within budget.

RMA has nearly 30 years of experience in planning and implementing afforestation, reforestation and shoreline protection projects. Since 1979 RMA has worked on numerous projects, including both deciduous and conifer plantings, and grassland and wetland restoration projects. Techniques/tools used include; prescribe burning, aerial application of herbicides, disking, drum chopping, bulldozing and windrowing. On those sites that were not previously forested, RMA has planning and experience using most tools typically used for agricultural and nursery production practices.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is used for remote analysis during the planning phase of many projects, as a primary tool to convey information to both landowners and to a wide range of contractors involved in reforestation, wildlife habitat development, invasive species control, shoreline stabilization and many water quality/erosion and storm water control projects. Mapping grade Global Positioning (GPS) devices are used to further enhance value to our clients by the ability to locate features on the ground and develop customized maps for planning and presentation purposes.


  • Worked in Federal (US Forest Service/Army Corp of Engineers) and State government
    natural resources agencies in Virginia, Indiana, and Tennessee.
  • Provided technical assistance to forest landowners in Virginia while administering
    various laws and regulations pertaining to forestland.
  • Supervised natural resource education and recreation programs at a US Army Corp of Engineers
    water reservoir in Tennessee.
  • Conducted integrated resource management on public forestland in Indiana, managing for multiple public objectives.
  • Worked with engineering firm assisting in the surveying and design of improvements to
    Newport News, Virginia Sewage treatment plant and preliminary field design of a proposed
    water reservoir near Williamsburg, Virginia.

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