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Resource Management Associates operates as a virtual corporation; we have assembled a team of independent, quality, experienced professionals representing legal, financial, engineering and all natural resources fields who collaborate with our staff to provide customized solutions for our clients. RMA initially works with the client to clearly define management objectives and then assembles the appropriate team to plan, identify, evaluate, recommend, and implement solutions. RMA staff and associates share a common interest and passion to serve clients needs by developing and implementing integrated, effective solutions that create value and assure their future success.


Mr. Mallette has over 34 years of experience in managing natural resources serving national and international clients in both the public and private sectors. For 25 years Mr. Mallette has participated in public policy development at the local, state, and federal level. He served the Commonwealth of Virginia in the development of state and federal agriculture conservation cost share programs, Virginia’s Agricultural Stewardship Act, erosion and sediment control law, storm water management regulations, tax credit programs supporting implementation of agriculture best management practices, and led the state’s efforts to design a tax credit program to compensate owners retaining riparian buffers along streams during timber harvesting operations. Mr. Mallette draws upon his expertise to design and administer practical solutions that both meet the needs of RMA’s clients and that of future generations by limiting environmental impacts and promoting sustainability through management.


Mr. Watson is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and an ISA Certified Arborist® with twenty-five years of experience in conservation and resource management. He provides supervision and monitoring of all RMA field activities including forestry operations, wetland restoration, and invasive species management. Previous work projects include forest health assessments, land use evaluations including mapping and inventories, and eradication/control projects on a wide variety of both aquatic and terrestrial invasive plant species.

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Do you have questions about our services or would more information on the possibility of working with us on your project? Please contact us by phone at (757) 787-2637 or email info@rma-rmre.com. Or visit our Contact Us page and use our email contact form. We’re happy to discuss your project needs!


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