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RMA offers a wide diversity of natural resource management experience. For the past 30+ years we have delivered sound management & consulting to clients throughout the Atlantic coast. Today we draw on our experience (and hurdles) to offer fully integrated solutions to natural resource problems and strategic planning favoring sustainability and economic return.

The following projects offer a brief look at RMA’s experience. We are constantly evolving and would gladly discuss any non-related project or ideas you may have.

Forest Management

Loblolly Pine reforestation projects, 265 projects on approximately 30,000 acres (1979-present)

Manage services on approx. 365,000 acres along east coast of US/South America (1981-present)

Prescribe burning for site preparation, hazard reduction and wildlife; growing- and dormant- season burns, 19,000+ acres. Private and public lands. (1981-present)

Timber Inventory, marketing, sales agreements, harvest monitory and reforestation – approx. 320 projects on 22,000 acres, VA/MD/MA/NC/GA/WV (1981-present)

Prescribe burning for wildlife, fuel reduction, debris disposal, reforestation – 78 projects (1977-present)

Forest Inventory and Vegetative Assessment, U.S. Army, Ft. Story, VA (1997)

Vegetation Management using Prescribed Fire to comply with Federal Aviation Administration requirements for Airfield operations, U.S. Army, Fort Eustis, VA (1998)

Riparian Forest Management Plan, U.S. Army Transportation Center, Ft. Eustis, VA (1999)

Vegetative Assessment for NASA, Wallops Island, VA (1999)

Vegetation Assessment and Management Plan, U.S. Army, Ft. Lee, VA (1997)

Vegetation Assessment and Management Plan, U.S. Army, Ft. Eustis, VA (1997)

Vegetation Assessment and Management Plan, U.S. Army, Ft. Story, VA (2000)

Smoke Management Plan, U.S. Army Transportation Center, Ft. Eustis, VA (2000)

Wildfire/Prescribe Burning Training – Emergency Services, public works, 45 participants, Fort Eustis, VA (2000)

Smoke Management Plan, US Army, Fort Lee, VA (2000, 2012, 2013)

Long-leaf pine/warm season grass ecosystem restoration projects 4 projects, 450 acres, Quitman/Stewart County, GA, Suffolk and Accomack Counties in Virginia. (2002-2008)

Hardwood Restoration, 175 acres, The Nature Conservancy/NRCS, Chesapeake, VA (2002)

Land cover Management to support development and maintenance US Army Range Training Areas, Fort Lee and Fort Eustis, VA (2008-2013)

Recreation Planning

Development and implementation of a forest/recreation/Erosion Control management plan to promote use of 900-acre. Pipsico Scout Reservation , Surry Co., VA (1998)

Hazard tree identification and removal in developed campground, Pipsico Scout Reservation, Surry Co., VA (1999)

Selective tree removal to develop future camping area, Pipsico Scout Reservation, Surry Co., VA (1999)

Development of 7.5 mile trail system, Range Training Area, Fort Lee, VA (2010)

Development of 12 waterfowl hunting impoundments consisting of 87 acres, 10 projects (2006-present)

Conservation Easements

Development of Conservation Easements on 6250 acres, MA/VA (2000-present)

Managing several land disturbing projects for individual landowners subject to conservation easements to insure performance standards are met while meeting objectives of owners, VA/MA/GA (2006-present)

Wetland Restoration

Wetland establishment – 714 acre wetland creation project, Chattahoochee River watershed, Stewart County, GA (2003)

Retrofit and develop existing dry storm water pond to constructed wetland – Accomack Elementary School, Daugherty, VA (2005)

Tidal and Non-Tidal Wetland creation and mitigation projects, shoreline stabilization for private and public clients (American Bridge, US Army, Eastern Shore Community College, several private clients representing 13 projects (2005-2007,2009,2011-2014)

5-yr. monitoring of specified performance standards and treatment of all invasive plant species in USACE regulated wetland mitigation site. Department of Justice, Hazelton, WV (2012-2017)

Wildlife Management

Habitat Management Plan, (Neo-tropical migratory birds) USFWS – Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge, VA (2007)

Development of Wildlife Management Plans on 15,600 acres on 22 projects , private landowners, VA/MA/NH/GA (1995-present)

Development of 20+ Endangered/Threatened Species Management Plans – bald eagle, tiger beetle, gopher tortoise (private land owners), GA/VA/FL (2007-present)

Agriculture Management

Agricultural Water Quality Management Plans for private landowners to meet state regulations, 65 plans for private farmers, Eastern Shore of VA (1999)

Agricultural lease management and monitoring, private landowners, 18,000 acres, VA/GA/FL (1981-present)

Business Planning studies for various agribusiness enterprises including, commercial plant nurseries, vegetable, small grain, confined livestock, pecan, irrigated and non-irrigated operations, 22 projects on 55,000 acres, VA/GA/FL (2000-present)

State/Federal Water with drawl permitting for irrigation, VA/GA (2007-present)

Invasive Plant Species Management/Control

Invasive Plant Species Management Plan, US Army, Fort Lee, VA (2006)

Invasive Plant Species Research Test Plots, US Army, Fort Eustis, VA (2008-2010)

Nassawadox Creek Watershed – common reed (Phragmites australis) control program, Franktown, VA (2008-2012)

Invasive Plant Species Management and Control Plan, aquatic, terrestrial habitats, WC Bradley Farms, Stewart/Quitman Counties, GA (2003)

Aerial applications for Forest Management, 240 projects on approximately 12,000 acres, VA (1997-present)

Japanese stilt grass control, Department of Interior, Petersburg National Battlefield, VA (2010)

Phragmites control, Department of Interior, Colonial Parkway National Historical Park, VA (2010)

Site Development

Installation of residential subdivision infrastructure projects, subdivision roads, and stormwater control, VA (2009, 2012)

Soil analysis of on-site sewage disposal systems, multiple projects, VA (2007-present)

Design and installation of approx. 52 miles of forest roads/recreational trails/firebreaks for private and public clients (1985 to present)

Site vegetation clearing and installation of erosion and sediment control measures to support installation of National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration installation of national weather satellite receiver dishes. (1998)

Water Quality

Water quality/recycling project for commercial nursery operation and development of state income tax credit, 1st such project in state of Virginia, Locustville, VA (2000)

Design and construction of storm water mitigation measures associated with vegetable production, VA (2008)

Riparian Buffer Restoration projects – 12 projects – Dorchester County, MD, Accomack/ Northampton Counties, US Army, Fort Story, VA (2003-2007)

Public Policy Development

Public Policy development, coordinated introduction and passage of several legislative bills dealing with conservation issues in Virginia, coordinated advocacy activities for State Conservation Association
a. Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Law
b. Virginia Agriculture Stewardship Act
c. Virginia Storm water Management
d. Virginia Riparian Buffer Tax Credit

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Continued GIS support to clients, VA/WV/FL/GA/AL (1998-present)

Hydrological analysis for Accomack County Board of Supervisors, VA (2006-2007)

Environmental assessment of hazardous sites, VA (2006)

Agricultural production (elements, infrastructure, & land analysis), VA (2007)

Development of GIS management system for farming operations, recreation, & infrastructure of 40,000+ acres. System supported remotely and available via cloud/internet access anywhere, GA/AL (2013-present)

Landslide abatement study (terrain assessment and hydrological analysis), Cachipay, Colombia (2014)

Habitat assessment of common reed. High prescision GPS mapping and remote sensing (LiDAR & multispectral imagery) analysis, VA (2014)

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